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A podcast showcasing the best live Hip-Hop, Soul, Funk, Jazz, R'n'B and Spoken Word.
‘Music is Remedy’ is a collective of like-minded individuals whose purpose is to focus on building the UK live music scene, whether it be soul, hip hop, or spoken word. With over five years experience of promotion, development and support of many UK artists, we aim to create a stronger industry where all involved can prosper without compromise.

The 'Music Is Remedy Podcast' is a great product and service we offer that gives artists an opportunity to share their plans, aspirations and thoughts on a range of different subjects. Every Podcast gives an insight into quality music that’s out there and access to the artists, as each month we feature a select performer. We use Podcasts to showcase our events on a multi platform level, as well as giving away exclusive live recordings and a unique way of promoting talent on the scene. Most importantly it gives the listener a chance to enjoy the scene as this product can be downloaded and listened to on ipods, mp3’s, phones and laptops.

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