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Mondo Blu Radio - Podcast 9 - 2010 - Larry Carlton - Tak Matsumoto - Human Brother.mp3
episode 9 - Smooth Jazz & Electropop
Hello again, here we are with podcast number 9 of 2010. This week, we look at two artists making eclectic music, one through international collaborations, the other though an almost impossible mix of styles.
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A compilation of the best of the new music we've been featuring on Mondo Blu Radio, plus some comments and trivia!
Mondo Blu is an attempt to bring music from different genres and countries into one playlist, so you'll find oldies from the 50s to the 80s, new indie artists, plus Blues, Country, Lo-Fi Electronic, World, Folk, Soul and a host of other curiosities, mostly thrown in because they make me laugh (and it's important not to be too serious about music, after all!). Mondo Blu is about breaking with traditional clichés about music, exploring and finding new accessible music for everyone in all genres.

The podcasts are loosely divided into three areas - brand new music, music from the pre-podcast era and free, legal music. Occasionally we have a competition and give away cool stuff, so be sure to subscribe!

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