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The Sexy Penny's Podcast - changing the face of student clubbing!
Welcome to Sexy Penny's, the UK's most innovative and forward thinking student driven clubbing event; where PENNY saving never compromises the SEXINESS of the PARTY...

Who you are or where you're from doesn't matter, each and every one of us at some point needs to attend to that primitive desire - that carnal thirst to mass together and temporarily suspend reality. We do it in theatres, we do it on football terraces, festivals, gyms and pubs; but there's one place where we do it most often - at the party...If you asked the organisers of Sexy Penny's why they do it, there could be only one and truly perfect answer - WE LIVE TO PARTY.

From the young and tender age of thirteen the same group of friends have embarked upon the same nocturnal journey; a story that touches a humbling truth for so many of us. It began on Friday nights after school, a couple of cheeky bottles and a group of free loving friends in some urban park in some urban place. As time progressed so too did those Friday frolics and was born the holy phrase - "I have a free house". The parties got bigger, badder and more popular until the house would no longer do. They rented hotels, threw down a couple of turntables and immersed themselves in hedonistic night. They filled coaches and found the clubs, twinkly lights, and eyes. They cleared a farm and did it right there dancing the sun down to familiar light. They did it as much as they could wherever they could, and here you are at the new step of our nocturnal journey...Sexy Penny's!

As our friendships and experiences have grown so too has our understanding of the perfect party environment. We know that many a student party have yet to flee that urban park, so many missing the twinkly lights. It's time to change. Since the words Pot Noodle, Rustlers and STI became synonymous with the typical image of a student, promoters and bar owners have for what seems like a depressing eternity served up a similar array of grimness at offending student nights right across the UK. In countless bars to countless clubs shockingly bad DJs can be heard buggering the decks, with the sweetest note not too dissimilar to Kewell a Devil's nails scraping down a blackboard. Well not any more. We want fat music, we want funky venues, we want SEXINESS and we STILL want to save the PENNIES! Enough with the chitter chatter, we'll see you at the PARTY!!!


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