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The Metal Show - 8/31/09
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An odyssey through the harsh, desolate landscape of METAL.
Are you completely disenfranchised by mainstream society?

Do you wear denim and leather with your favorite band t shirt everyday?

Have you ever used “brutal” as an adjective describing anything good?

Is your favorite color black?

Are you interested in Satan, the Manson Family, medieval warfare, Norse mythology, and/or the most grisly horror movies ever produced?

Is that a spiked mace in your pocket?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be a metal-head. If you are a metal-head, you are probably angered by the complete lack of representation you receive from the mainstream commercial radio conglomerates. This is why the Metal Show exists.

The Metal Show Podcast is an odyssey through the harsh, desolate musical landscape of Metal. Interviews, reviews, and commentary on the latest metal news are brought to you each week by the Exalted Ickyzor and the Reverend of Volume. You can hear The Metal Show every Monday 7-9pm on WCRX 88.1fm Chicago, or listen online at

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