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00. PRAGMaster - PRAG 4 Intro 01. Paul Carden - A Prayer For Jdimytai Damour 02. Distant Guns - Arson Attack On A Christmas Tree 03. The Kafinjers - An Office Party Without Alcohol Is Like An Office Party Without Alcohol 04. Pseudonyx - Mistletoe And Rohypnol 05. Solid - Match Report From No-Man's Land 06. Little Baby Jesus - Hey! Corporate Scrooge 07. Chelsea Clinton - Hip-Hop Hannukah 08. Darko - Brass Monkeys On Black Ice 09. Telling Tales - Do Not Travel (Unless Your Journey Is Necessary) 10. Gizz & The Headkicks - The Best Christmas Since 0 AD 11. AJ & The 81s - Sayonara, Santa-san
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Pineapster Random Audio Generator
PRAG is a songwriting / recording challenge, where each participant submits a song title. These are then drawn from a hat and assigned to the other participants. The person receiving the song title then has to use it as a starting point for a NEW song. In addition, each participant will receive a random 'instruction', which must be observed during the recording process.

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