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Six Tracks Live
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Jack Hardy is the frontman, the songsmith, the keyboards and the demi-pirate style musketeer who has a fine line in leather jackets and history of playing gigs with injuries and physical setbacks, a broken rib, a slashed foot and a trapped nerve, to name but a few. The show must go on, eh? His heroes are Brian Wilson and Michael Jackson and his favourite film is The Terminator.

Richie Quarterman is the guitar wielding, Yorkshire bred womble lookalike who is never happier than in a good old pub with a nice pint and a good football game. Loves Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Bic Runga and all things Eastern, writes the occasional protest song and is currently pioneering a new hairstyle, The Thatch. Think Worzel Gummage. His weapon of choice is a deep blue US Telecaster.

TaeHyen Kim is the Bassman, the grooverider, the warrior of the low notes. His 1978 Fender Jazz is actually older (and heavier) than he is, he churns out funky, Led Zeppelin inspired basslines and is somewhat of a musical genius, being equally at home on the guitar, bass, drums, piano or on vocal duties. He also played at the World Cup opening ceremony in Korea in 2002. Bastard.

Joss is the rhythm man, the human beat machine whose style is somewhere between Neil Peart and Keith Moon. He does a bloody good impression of just about anything, has an overly impressive drum kit and a mysterious background, although he played a lot of very heavy metal at some point. Hes also a spiritual man, often found meditating with Tai chi in front of his favourite film, Back Door Babes Volume 2

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