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Matt Urmy on
It's podcasting time again!! This time poet and musician Matt Urmy sat down with us for a very pleasant afternoon. We had so much fun, in fact, that we talked for 3 hours. To save your sanity, I've distilled the conversation and the music down to just under and hour. For you listening pleasure, you can get the 'cast at ITunes, or simply download it here (right click and 'save file as'). Matt is wonderful, but if you want the true experience of what it was like in the HCT living room that day, I suggest you listen to it after only 5 or so hours of sleep, when you are hungover and have started drinking at lunch time. I won't admit whether those were the exact conditions of the day, but recreating those conditions might actually make us sound less obnoxious (or at least you'll understand us better). Matt is one of those people you want to spend a starry, warm night on the porch with. Bottle of whiskey, guitar, fireflies and endless delightful conversation. He's pretty, he's smart, he sings with a soul-nicking raspiness. I've never had conversation with that I didn't leave inspired.
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Three chicks, Daisy, Mimi and Cricket, who live in Nashville, bringing authentic country music back to the rest of the world.
Search for the Last of the Hard-core Troubadours is three chicks, Daisy, Mimi and Cricket, who live in Nashville and love country music. We've covered the scene in New York, Seattle and Montreal. Now we've come to the source, ready to bring authentic country music back to the rest of the world. We search out the unsigned, the under-promoted, the talented acts outside the mainstream, and we write about them on our site,, so everyone can find the real country gold. In a good week, we write about albums, shows and news from the alt-country, folk, folk-rock, singer-songwriter, and country music communities. In a better week, musicians come to our house and chat with, play music for us and let us record it for this podcast. If you're in an alternative country, Americana, bluegrass, country punk, cowboy music, cowpunk, folk , indie country, insurgent country, outlaw country, progressive country, roots rock, singer-songwriter, Texas swing, traditional, or Western swing band feel free to contact us about appearing in future podcasts, or getting your album reviewed on our site.

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