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Episode 4: Music Makers (Part 2): Drop The Act
Jay discovers there's still time for him to make it in music. Kind of. But not really.
Another edition of the podcast where Jay Lawrence and Eliot Fallows try to 'do one thing a day that scares you.' Back when Jay was 16 years old, he dreamt of singing in the next band that headlined Glastonbury. Fans would call his name whilst he thought about how much money the next advert for shampoo would rake in. Sadly, none of this happened, probably because he has a distinct lack of musical ability. Nonetheless, Eliot gives Jay an opportunity to (sort of) live out his dream. But in a big wig. And heels. After you watch the episode, you may want to view the photos: If you like the episode, please subscribe and leave a comment (plz). Follow us @scareus and, apart from that, try and do one thing today that scares you. But don't if you don't want to. Theme tune from Tom Joy. Other music courtesy of Thanks to Louie Kenyon Crockett for the logo.
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Should you, as the saying goes, 'do one thing a day that scares you'? Let's find out.
You may have been told that in order to live a full life you should 'do one thing a day that scares you'. But should you? Jay Lawrence and Eliot Fallows try out the theory, challenging each other to get over an irrational fear per podcast. Expect tears.

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Thanks to Tom Joy for the Scare Us! theme music. Logo courtesy of Louie Kenyon Crockett.

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