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Check Please Episode 64: A (Metal Gear) "Solid" Episode
Hey, are you familiar with the Metal Gear Solid games? No? Well... Uhh... In this episode, we give a long, quiet sendoff to the videogame series which one host has fallen out of love with, and the other is just starting to know. Sorry if you haven't played these games, I guess? They're kind of weirdly interesting, which I guess is sort of the premise of doing this episode, but I'm not sure how interesting they'll be to most people. So, y'know, if you're interested: this episode is here! We talked about the Metal Gear Solid games. Hope you enjoy the episode! Theme music: Kaissa (Karpov Not Kasparov) / CC BY-NC-SA 3.0
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Check, Please! A once-weekly trans-Atlantic speed-correspondence chess-podcast.
In January of 2016, Will and Stephen decided to strap beartraps to their heads, rigged to be set off in the event that the other bested them in a game of speed correspondence chess, played one move per week in an attempt to gain mastery over death itself.

This is their story.

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