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The Giant Robot by Terrance Dicks
The Tom Baker debut story by Terrance Dicks
We get back to classic Target reviews - and there's nothing more classic than the very first story to feature the 4th Doctor himself - the Terrance Dicks scripted and written The Gian Robot. We think it's one of our best ever podcasts! See what you think and let us know. Oh, and don't forget to download or order a copy of my new book - The Faith Seekers - available now on Amazon, Lulu and iBooks.
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Doctor Who Target novelisations and audiobooks- fan reviews, analysis and information
Welcome to Doctor Who On Target the podcast where we discuss the Target range of classic Dr Who books from the 1970s and 80s. If you missed Doctor Who in those pre-DVD days you missed it forever! Unless, of course, you bought the Target novelization - the iPlayer of its day! So jump aboard the TARDIS, set the time rotor for late 20th century Earth, and join us as, with a wheezing, groaning sound, we discuss, analyse and reminisce Doctor Who On Target.

We not only read the novelisations, but listen to and review the audiobook versions that from the BBC and Penguin Random House. We also have some fun, a lighthearted look at the world of Doctor Who fandom and we will probably wander off into other areas of the Doctor Who world as the mood takes us!

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