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jellycast: The Bastard Defence
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Episode One - The Internet Is For Trolls [3.1.15]
Or "Why We Can't Have Nice Things"
In The Bastard Defence, actor Christopher Goldthorn takes a harsh, satirical, witty and unique look at the troubles of the world of today. This first episode focuses on the change in UK Pornography Legislation (and why the men making it are unqualified for the job), and the insane ease with which people can be utterly horrific to each other on the internet.
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A satirical, ranty, unique look at some of the problems in the world today.
Join Christopher Goldthorn as he takes his own stand on whatever happens to have inspired (and, more than linkely, annoyed) him at the time. All kinds of subjects are dealt with, along with a handy dose of satire, tongue-in-cheek humour, quick wit and insightful commentary.

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